EOT World Cup Special


EOT World Cup Special

The World Cup Special are now over – thanks to everyone who took part and congratulations to France for winning the World Cup!




As a One-Time Offer for our regular supporters we are offering an amazing Football World Cup Special for you!

For every EOT you buy before the deadline – You will receive the same amount of EOT Credits on the EOT Bandit.

Notice: – After your purchase fill in the form ons this page to claim your credit

Now this is not something to sneeze at..

You can use your EOT Credits to:

  • Pllay the EOT Bandit and maybe win more EOT
  • You can convert your credits to EOT which you can then spend at any time by converting it to BTC
  • You can use your EOT to play the Bit-Bandit and win Bitcoin
  • You can Hold your EOT in the EOT Hodl program and earn daily income

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What are the benefits of EOT?

  • EOT is a fully fledged cryptocurrency with its own mathematically secured blockchain, which means your crypto transactions are safe and secure
  • You can pay anyone anywhere with an EOT wallet instantly with almost zero cost
  • You can hold EOT and benefit from potential price increases. [ 10 years ago Bitcoin was trading at cents, it is now trading at thousands of dollars. ]

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Did you know that you can start for as little as 50c or $ 1?

Yes, for the fraction of the price of a cup of coffee you can buy some EOT and who knows where that small investment might lead one day.

As you can see – anyone can participate in this offer, even with as little as 50c.



Don’t be like most of us and wait for the time to run out..

Who knows, EOT might start rising today and you will lose out.

Take this opportunity to get this EOT Credit – World Cup Only Bonus right now..

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Notice: – After your purchase fill in the form ons this page to claim your credit